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these guys say hi

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Jaz got a hairs cut

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The significance of plot without conflict


In the West, plot is commonly thought to revolve around conflict: a confrontation between two or more elements, in which one ultimately dominates the other. The standard three- and five-act plot structures—which permeate Western media—have conflict written into their very foundations. A “problem” appears near the end of the first act; and, in the second act, the conflict generated by this problem takes center stage. Conflict is used to create reader involvement even by many post-modern writers, whose work otherwise defies traditional structure.

The necessity of conflict is preached as a kind of dogma by contemporary writers’ workshops and Internet “guides” to writing. A plot without conflict is considered dull; some even go so far as to call it impossible. This has influenced not only fiction, but writing in general—arguably even philosophy. Yet, is there any truth to this belief? Does plot necessarily hinge on conflict? No. Such claims are a product of the West’s insularity. For countless centuries, Chinese and Japanese writers have used a plot structure that does not have conflict “built in”, so to speak. Rather, it relies on exposition and contrast to generate interest. This structure is known as kishōtenketsu.

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yes yes yes. so much this. been saying this for years (and might explain why a lot of Americans don’t get my writing but that’s another story).

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That brony con horror story was fabricated.






OP literally made up a sexual assault and failed abduction story about an eleven year old girl for the sake of getting notes for anti-brony hate, and…

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neuroscience of meditation

going to this tomorrow with a friend. seems pretty awesome

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in the fart box

why the hell do people talk like this on dating sites? I don’t understand humans at all

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 Surreal Images by Patrizia Guerresi Maimouna 

 The project was designed from characters with strong mystical character, originating from Muslim Africa, represented in majestic poses without ever prescidirem an evident sacred connotation.

The size of the characters, based on their own charismatic and cultural grandeur, causes themselves are emptied themselves. The artist uses it for the involvement of the body through a mantle arranged autonomously and sculptural form


!!!!! this gets me so excited everytime i see it…

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I have these prints that I did with Neil Gaiman available at my signing in St. Louis today! & here is the kickstarter of my new BOOK of art: MUSE. I hope you will reserve your book here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337503446/david-mack-muse-life-drawings-2012-2014 And thank you for all the love & response to my work on the #CaptainAmericaTheWInterSoldier film credit sequence that I made w @Sarofsky! I’m grateful, and I hope you enjoy the film!


My new painting for Neil Gaiman’s The Goldfish Pool Limited Edition Print.
(On the official Neverwear @neverwear blog available for order here… http://neverwear.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=186

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Not entirely accurate. You missed one:

Cathy Lee Crosby, 1974.

The point, however, still stands.

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This was a note received by a high school student in Minnesota. 

Please reblog to spread awareness of what LGBT people go through every day.


Fucking Centennial. Christ.

This shit is so unreal.

Then again, this highschool is in, like, the heart of redneckville.

Being a redneck is no excuse for sending death threats.

 What a cowardly piece of trash.

Oh no, of course not.

I’m just not surprised, that’s all.

Jesus Christ

I’ve been to areas like the one this school is in…county fairs and trucks boasting confederate flags and a sufficient lack of minorities. It seems like these areas are just as racist and bigoted as the “typical” south is portrayed: more mcdonalds per sq mile than compassion and education per person.

I live in minnesota. And this makes me SICK. I want to find the bastard who wrote this and kick him in the stomach. -V 

Reblogging again. Turns out this happened to a school really close to mine. But I’m well aware of some students at that school being absolute fuckfaces full of money and spoonfed hate. From what I’ve heard the district has already taken action. But still… for fuck’s sake. Because he’s homosexual? Please! He’s innocent. You know who we should be killing? People who attack the innocent like /this/ fucker, vowing to make them suffer for their sexual orientation. And Minnesota is literally the opposite of redneckville. The problem is because of that, morons like this stick out more. I wish the best for Ryan and I hope things get better for him. But seriously, I hope whoever wrote this fucking stupid letter eventually realizes how /stupid/ he is. 


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Joseph Campbell - Transformations of Myth Through Time 07 - Buddhism

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