50 shades of bible.

my new favorite bible quote.



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Buzz Over To Les Beehive

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Me and amazing Magena for Saturno Buttó

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from 17th century…India

baby Jesus popping out of the orphic egg. happy Easter.

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Paul Klee. Dream City, 1921.

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woohoo time to get back to editing! working over existing text with a fine tooth comb, finding spots that need addition or deletion. repeat. rinse. repeat. this book WILL be what I dreamed of it being, god fucking damnit.

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(illustration by Isako Kubo)

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are you KIDDING me? fuck she is good.

just what you find in the park

(btw the shooting is so awful because the brightness of sunlight was making my screen pretty much black, so i couldn’t see what i was shooting, but wanted to capture at least a snippet of her sound.)

i want more street art everywhere, and more street music. and it drives me crazy there are city ordinances against it and you’ve got to get a license. it’s how we lift each other up - whatever our passion is - it’s the only way i know how. 

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hey now

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"One of the counter-protestors explained, “We realized that it wasn’t so much about antagonizing them, but sending out the countered safe that we are here for people who need that message and need some positivity.” One WBC member, however, was just utterly confused by why they would have that sign in the first place (either because he didn’t figure out it was to do with Phelps’ death or the Westboro Baptist Church is truly confused by any emotional response that isn’t blind hatred)." (Source)

THIS. This is how you act like a decent human being.

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"Any story dealing, however seriously, with homosexual love is taken to be a story about homosexuality while stories dealing with heterosexual love are seen as stories about the individual people they portray. This is as much a problem today for American filmmakers who cannot conceive of the presence of gay characters in a film unless the specific subject of the film is homosexuality. Lesbians and gay men are thereby classified as purely sexual creatures, people defined solely by their sexual urges."

- Vito Russo, The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies (Chapter 4)

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Elisa Dandelion - by Mikey McMichaels - 340616IMG_4140

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TRAGIC SUNSHINE . Watchmen Poster Featuring Dr. Manhattan

Reblogging again because favorite.

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alas poor yuric I knew him well

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